Thursday, April 23, 2015

AGC Conference Panel: "Managing the Ultimate Security Perimeter: Identity & Access Management"

I just had the honor of being invited back to moderate a panel at the Americas Growth Capital (AGC) Conference, held this past Monday in San Francisco. 

It was entitled "Managing the Ultimate Security Perimeter: Identity & Access Management" and featured speakers from across the world of Identity management: Identity Governance and Administration, Privileged Identity Management, Access Management and SSO, and Monitoring and User-Based Analytics.

The reason for posting about that here was to highlight that the belief of the panelists summarized to the fact that customers are now buying best-in-class solutions from each Identity segment and starting to combine them into a comprehensive system that answers the key questions about those who have access to corporate and governmental systems:

  • Who has access to what?
  • What should have access to what?
  • What are they doing with that access?
  • Is it typical?
Best practice means collecting and auditing accounts and entitlements across the enterprise – on-premises and cloud-based applications and file repositories - into a single view of each Identity with its currently assigned access rights; defining the business models that capture and manage the lifecycle of each Identity and entitlement; then monitoring and recording activity as those accounts and entitlements are used to access application data – highlighting suspicious or high risk behaviors, abnormal privileged user access, unusual insider activity, potentially hijacked credentials – all to detect and prevent insider threats, targeted attacks and fraud.

Why this in a blog about Business Development?  Because these systems come together for the customer as a result of strategic BD, and the companies that win are likely to have mastered the concepts of 3DBD - and built win-win relationships with those around them - be they centered on go-to-market or technology.

I plan to watch how this plays out in the next 12-18 months as these vendors replace the large Enterprise Software whose offerings are looking somewhat tired to many customers I talk with.

Watch this space - and I am glad to be back in this space after focusing on the success of one particular company over the past 4 years!

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Managing the Ultimate Security Perimeter: Identity & Access Management